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The Australian Dyslexia Association Inc. (ADA) is an Incorporated Non-profit Association (IA37281) and Government registered as a Registrable Australian Body (ARBN 147 524 347). ADA are concerned with the well being, identification and educational intervention of all who struggle with aspects of spoken and written language.The ADA believes that all individuals with dyslexia or a related difference deserve the right to understand their learning difference and have access to evidence based instruction. The ADA supports and provides accredited training in evidence based instruction with the addition of a multisensory component. Direct, explicit and structured language instruction with a multisensory component can assist all students including those with dyslexia and related difficulties.

ADA Pre Assessment service 2018 

ADA pre assessments are available and can be requested by contacting the ADA via email OR use the text service 0410 850 185 with your request, age of individual to be pre assessed and your email. An ADA Advisor will assist you promptly. The pre assessment service is only $130.00 AUD and includes a 2 page report and relevant attachments for each individual assessed. The pre assessment service is open to all, including; schools, professionals in private practice, workplace employment agencies, other external providers including relevant health and medical professionals.

If you require further information on the process of the ADA pre assessment, please email the ADA and request the ADA pre assessment fact sheets. Email:

2018 MSL Orton Gillingham ADA Accredited Training Courses

Applications are open for the remainder of 2018. All MSL training dates and venues can be viewed on the ADA and IMSLE websites. The IMSLE website URL is: Approval is via an application process. International attendees are welcome. Email Sarah in IMSLE Admissions direct at:

ADA Dyslexia Awareness Channel is on YouTube, here are the links: Channel 7 ADA Interview and ADA Teens and Dyslexia Short Film over 15,000 views.


Dyslexia is a language based difference it cannot be identified through behavioural/optometrist visual tests or audiologists reports nor can it be treated through isolated visual or ear exercises or lenses. Read

ADA aim to promote a positive construct of dyslexia: click Famous People with dyslexia

"Being dyslexia friendly is not about being a "special school". It's about being a school that has teachers who appreciate diversity and have the skills to teach every student in their classroom. It's about children who respect that we all learn differently. It's about a fair go and a level playing field so that every child has equal access to the curriculum" ADA Board

Research From the University of British Columbia,Vancouver Psychometric IQ (WISC) assessments and discrepancy are not required for the identification of dyslexia or related differences. This has been well researched and documented since 2006 Read. 28th Sept 2011 Supporting scientific research on why Psychometric tests IQ tests (WISC IV) are not required for dyslexia identification Read. Robert J Sternberg PhD: "I define [intelligence] as your skill in achieving whatever it is you want to attain in your life within your sociocultural context,by capitalizing on your strengths and compensating for, or correcting, your weaknesses" (Personal Communication, July 29, 2004)

Caution on dyslexia:

Do not get caught with a pile of separate tests that the school won't understand. Seek specialist advice from the ADA who specialise in working and providing dyslexia reports and advice for Australian Education Authorities both government and private. ADA also warn against businesses offering non-phonetic approaches as the treatment. Macquarie University and other reputable reading researchers have contacted ADA in regards to this and ADA are doing their best to inform parents and schools.

Sound Advice: Often parents are bombarded with websites that present their own interpretation of dyslexia geared at selling their product. Dyslexia is language based and is lifelong and cannot be cured but it can be treated.The treatment needs to be educational and centre on teaching the skills required for reading, spelling and writing and the way each child's brain can process, retain and re-use those skills when required. A child with dyslexia will take a lot longer to acquire the required skills (that dyslexia impedes upon) but it is possible. With an understanding of evidence based practices, current reading research in science, linguistics and education a well trained teacher or educator can begin to identiy dyslexia and assess the areas required for instruction so that teaching can commence as soon as possible.

ADA continues to provide services for: Schools (both government and independent), sectors of the Australian Government, Universities, Print and Social Media, Workplace Employment Agencies and Private Colleges and others.