Australian Dyslexia Association Inc.(ADA) - Solutions for those who learn differently

Vital Aims

Well being

To provide assistance and relief to individuals and families affected by dyslexia to reduce any further suffering; barriers to learning,lowered self esteem, social exclusion,emotional difficulties, a sense of giving up.

Support and Network

To provide accessible assistance and support to all about dyslexia. To provide all individuals access to dyslexia identification and treatment including single parent families,low income earners and students. To support parent and teacher dyslexia support groups who are raising awareness through research based information. To support reputable organisations and community groups who share similar aims. 


To educate our society, schools,TAFE,universities and workplaces about why individuals with dyslexia learn differently and the type of language instruction,provisions and/or accommodations they require. To promote dyslexia friendly communities,schools,tertiary and workplaces.


To provide information about dyslexia to support groups,teachers,educators and allied health professionals so that they can help to identify dyslexia across all grades of schooling. Early identification is vital, it will help reduce any secondary effects of lowered self esteem and the Mathew Effect setting in (Stanovich)

Pre Assessment,Screening & Assessment

To provide an accessible free initial dyslexia screening (pre assessment) to gauge whether the difficulties may be due to an underlying nature reflective of a dyslexia profile. This ADA service is in place to avoid the following:

1. Children and adults being unnecessarily tested

2. Paying high prices upfront for full assessments

A dyslexia report needs to provide information that is necessary for the teaching and learning needs and age of the individual being assessed.

Training Provider

Provide quality ADA accredited teacher training in Multisensory Structured Language which will enable teachers to implement direct,explicit,systematic instruction into their current curriculum  to further improve and enhance the literacy outcomes of all learners. MSL training is a valuable pedagogy for any teacher/professional who works with children with literacy difficulties.Parent training and workshops are available. The ADA accredits MSL Courses and the individuals who have undertaken MSL training.

Service Providers

To provide approved service providers to parents via a registry who are post graduate trained in dyslexia who are able to assist in reducing any barriers to learning that may exist and to provide educational treatment that is science based containing all principles of instruction set down by the National reading Panel and by the International Dyslexia Association for the teaching of reading and spelling for those with dyslexia or a related difference.This is a member service offered to individual, parent and family members only.

External Provider Service

Provide an external service registry of related professionals in the field who believe they have the relevant qualifications and demonstrated expertise in the field of LD to provide services for dyslexia and related differences. This is a member service offered to individual, parent and family members only.

Current Research

To engage in higher research and provide current Scientific and Educational Research to educators,parents,the public and government about the latest findings supporting the individual learning needs of those with dyslexia.

Global Partnership

To form partnerships with relevant international professional dyslexia associations to keep up to date and diseminate the latest scientific and educational research advancements on dyslexia and related differences. The ADA's president serves on the International Dyslexia Association's (IDA) caucus committee. The IDA caucus are working on international standards on the teaching of reading.

The ADA actively advocates through the wonderful support of parent and community support groups. The ADA promotes the need for a change in policy and practice for those with dyslexia in Australia. The ADA advocates and communicates with State and Federal government departments in relation to the ADA's vital aims.

Learn more about what you can do to help ADA make a difference.With your support we can help move Australia forward. Help us to create dyslexia awareness, dyslexia friendly schools, educational centres and workplaces by becoming informed about dyslexia today.