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A voice for those touched by Dyslexia

“Some of our children with dyslexia are among our most intellectually gifted humans...I love them. Our species would never be what it is without that form of brain organisation”

Dr Maryanne Wolf

'Dyslexia may take many forms, but dyslexics have one characteristic in common: they can learn and they can ‘make it’ in society if properly taught.'



IT'S AUSTRALIAN: Teens and Dyslexia: ADA Dyslexia Awareness Channel

Cognitive Strengths of Dyslexia: The Dyslexic Advantage

The ADA promote a great story of a teacher they trained with dyslexia: See Jan 18th 2012 issue of Take 5

Try this app by Australian Associate Professor Ruth Fielding-Barnsley

 The ADA support the work of dyslexia film maker Harvey Hubbell (US)

Dislecksia: The Movie

Another great film medium is the dvd by acclaimed film makers Allan and Susan Raymond (US) "The Dyslexia Journey" -Great minds think differently.

 "Successful individuals ...‘compartmentalize’their disability ...they are able to see their difficulties as only one aspect of themselves. They were not overly defined by their difficulties."

"We need to... focus on self-awareness in... their social and emotional makeup,and physically, socially, in terms of their communication, and even in terms of their philosophy of life and their personal values and ethics. These... are key self understanding."

Dr Marshall Raskin Frostig Centre US


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