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The Australian Dyslexia Association offers a pre assessment screening that is easily accessible for all, including children, teens, school and adults throughout Australia. The ADA pre assessment screening provides a professional starting point on identification. The ADA pre assessment screening procedure is exclusive to ADA. It is available inclusively to members under their membership entitlements ($90.00). It is also available to non members for $120.00. Information can be accessed by clicking here

Should my child be pre assessed? If your child struggles to convert sounds to symbols and or has difficulties reading and retaining sight words consistently then they should be pre assessed. A pre assessment can assist your school to begin devising a support plan.

Full assessments: Due to an increase in demand for an ADA report from schools, there is a wait time for an offer of appointment. ADA in most cases can refer other enquiries to external providers who have agreed to be a point of contact for such enquiries.

Important: Psychometric WISC or similar testing (IQ) by a psychologist is not required as a starting point for language and literacy based differences such as dyslexia. Scientific research has concluded that reading difficulties affect a wide range of abilities and IQ tests that measure IQ and reading scores are outdated and not required for dyslexia. "Dyslexia affects a range of abilities and all students who are not reaching the required levels of literacy in Australian schools should be screened and educationally assisted by well trained teachers" ADA Board
The Australian Dyslexia Association supports assessment that drives evidence based instruction and inclusive practices. All children who have persistent difficulties with reading, spelling and writing need to be identified and assisted including those with dyslexia and significant reading difficulties.One of the key elements to reducing the need for parents to go outside of school is to have teachers in Australian schools upskilled in the identification of dyslexia characteritics, reading difficulties and scientific reading instruction.

Well trained early grade classroom teachers can reduce the number of students that continue to struggle from Grade 2 up.

Word of Caution: Isolated eye or ear exercises and related types of activities do not identify dyslexia effectively.IQ tests are not effective either. The most beneficial aspect of identification is to plan for effective teaching relevant for developing skills in language areas which include: phonemic awareness,reading,spelling,writing and penmanship. ADA support teacher training in early identification of reading difficulties rather than a "Wait and See" approach or even worse "Wait to Fail" model.

Important information of full dyslexia assessments: A full dyslexia assessment in many cases is not compulsory and identification at pre assessment screening will often result in the same school outcomes. Often external examination boards require a full dyslexia assessment in order to make reasonable adjustments for High School senior years, Universities, IELTS and colleges. If this is your case or you are concerned that your child must have a full dyslexia assessment because your school is not currently assisting them, ADA can in most cases refer you to an *external assessor. It is highly recommended that pre assessment screening evidence is compiled and that the individual is considered suitable for a full assessment. For further advice please email ADA:

Department of Education on dyslexia diagnosis not required: Click here for the Department of Education Resource

*External Referrals for full dyslexia assessments: ADA assessment appointments currently attract a wait time due to the demand for a school based report. ADA can refer you in most cases to an external provider (assessor) but cannot guarantee this service or be held responsible for any path or choice that you ultimately choose or commit to. Please click here for information on external referrals.

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