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Standards for Teaching

Australian Dyslexia Association

The ADA supports the International Dyslexia Association document: Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teaching Reading and the Australian Professional Teaching Standards (APTS)

Associate and Certified professional memberships (AMADA) with the ADA ensures that these members have the required knowledge and practice for meeting the educational needs of children with language based difficulties including dyslexia. This recognition ensures that parents and schools are seeking appropriately trained MSL Educators for children/students/adults who require direct,explicit,structured and multisensory instruction in phonology for both reading and spelling.

An AMADA refers to those with a background in a relevant field who have also undertaken ADA accredited Multisensory Structured Language professional training (MSL). Professionals may include: Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists, Linguists and Educational & Developmental Psychologists.

An undergraduate (Bachelor) or post graduate (Masters) specialisation in Special Education does not automatically assume right as being trained effectively to identify and teach children with language and litercay differences. Special Ed Masters programs in Australia do not include specific subjects on dyslexia and reading differences but rather generalists areas of verbal and non verbal disabilities.Unfortunately the same deal applies for undergraduate degrees in Education (Bachelor of Education).

Tutoring or Education Treatment:

Dyslexia along with the continuum of reading differences requires expert profiling for the correct educational instruction. Regular tutoring will not work for the child with a language based difference such as dyslexia. 

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