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Important updates for November and December 2016

ADA Memberships (All Types):

New memberships are currently not available for the remainder of 2016 as we work on the new ADA website. They will be available as soon as the new ADA website is up and running.

ADA Pre assessments service can be accessed for November and December 2016:

During this time, ADA can still assist by offering you the ADA pre assessment service.

The 2016 current fee for this service is $120.00. If you would like to proceed please email ADA or text your interest and request an invoice as a non member.

What if I found access to a membership form and submitted it in this time?

If you have located and submitted a membership form or have any other concern in this time and need advice please use the text service 0410 850 185 and our friendly ADA advisors will be more then happy to proceed and assist you.

MSL trained professionals awaiting accredited memberships with ADA (AMADA's)

This service will be activated with the commencement of the new ADA website. In the interim if you have any concerns please use the text service 0410 850 185.
The Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA) thank you for your support and look forward to offering all visitors and members a fully functional website for 2017.