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Professional Development for Schools


ADA highly recommends a PD (professional development) staff school screening of "Outside the Square" an Australian film production by Tanya Forbes. This informative film provides a cost effective and worthwhile professional development opportunity for all schools. These films are now available free via YouTube (updates June 2017). For further information visit:

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The ADA are passionate about creating a postive construct of dyslexia and related differences. By raising school awareness and gaining a new understanding, educators can postively add to the lives of those affected by dyslexia and related differences.


The ADA can tailor make a Professional Development for your school/educational institution. 

ADA Accredited Multisensory Structured Langauge Teacher Training in Schools:

Ideally all undergraduate teaching degrees,should include compulsory instruction in science based reading approaches, unfortunately this is not the case.Children with dyslexia or a similar difference need to be taught the skills to read,they are not able to "pick up" reading,spelling and writing at grade level, even in a literate rich classroom and a classroom teacher with the best intentions.

It only takes one MSL trained teacher to start helping all children. Early grade class teachers, grades 1-3 could also make a long lasting contribution by learning how to teach reading and spelling directly and explicitly to the whole class.Research has indicated that with correct teaching of literacy skills less indicators of dyslexia and non specific reading difficulties are evident later on.

Once a teacher is trained in the MSL pedagogy and how to be a diagnostician of assessment and teaching they can teach all children to read and spell including children with dyslexia and related differences.

"Classroom teachers need to be trained to identify dyslexia. Teachers are in the field where observation becomes critical and knowledge becomes valuable". (Jodi Clements)


MSL Training:

For individual MSL training locations: See Home Menu: "Accredited Training Provider" for further training information.