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Teens and Adults with Dyslexia

"The key for teens and adults is a positive construct of dyslexia, a clear understanding of one's strengths in learning and how to overcome the weaknesses associated with dyslexia" Jodi Clements ADA President

Dyslexia does not go away, you do not outgrow it.

What are some common teen and adult characteristics of dyslexia?

Avoiding reading and writing whenever possible

Trying to conceal difficulties with reading and writing from other people

Poor spelling

Relying on memory and verbal skills,rather than reading or writing.

How does an unidentified teen or adult usually cope with dyslexia at school or University?

Many teens and adults may have found ways to mask dyslexia often re-teaching themselves in ways that they can retain and re-use information presented. Some teens and adults with dyslexia may be reading,spelling and writing diffiuclties usually remain.The issue is that often their compensatory strategies used for reading,spelling and writing will take longer as they process language predominantly in a different part of their brain, this is why they require extra time at school and in exams for language based tasks.

ADA offers professional adult assessments and specialise in providing individualised provisions and accommodations for study and or workplace employment.

A full dyslexia profiling assessment for teens and university referrals:

The Australian Dyslexia Association provides dyslexia profiling assessments for students who require equitable adjustments whilst studying. ADA when required work alongside  Disability Support Services at Universities and colleges to ensure that all students identifed with a dyslexia profile are assisted. ADA have provided dyslexia reports for: Macquarie University, Griffith Univeristy, Bond University, JCU, QUT, UNE, RMIT, Melbourne Univeristy, Deakin, UWS, UNSW and more. The ADA also consults government educational offices around Australia on providing accessibility to course materials for students with dyslexia. ADA recommends the pre assessment service prior to booking a full adult assessment, particularly if a student or adult is unsure whether to book a full assessment.

For full adult dyslexia assessment referrals, procedures and fees please email ADA.

Information on the ADA pre assessment service click here


What can you do to help?

Learn more about dyslexia signs

Inquire to the ADA about adult and teen dyslexia profiling assessments to assist with equitable provisions and accommodations for work, training or study.

ADA specialise in providing these reports to tertiary educational institutions both government and private.

Raise awareness of dyslexia through sharing the ADA's website.

The ADA also provide access to adult classess (where available) to assist adults in developing reading and spelling skills, strengthening self esteem and guidance.
Please feel free to share with schools and teachers-watch the ADA's Visual Medium:

Teens and Dyslexia: ADA Dyslexia Awareness Channel on You Tube