The ADA Pre-assessment Service


The ADA pre-assessment service is a unique, diagnostic and affordable service created and offered by the ADA. The ADA offers various pre assessments that are suitable for all ages, including adults.

The ADA recommends the pre assessment service as a sensible procedure in identifying dyslexia and or dysgraphia. The pre assessment is valid and will assist the school and or relevant needs of each individual being assessed. The pre assessment report will also include relevant and useful attachments for personalised understanding and support.

When designing the service, the ADA carefully considered the well-being of those being assessed, particularly their self-esteem and self-efficacy, as well as other factors such as delivery and data collection. There is no need for a face to face booking when taking up the ADA pre assessment.

The ADA’s pre-assessment is very thorough and is conducted in a manner that does not unnecessarily test or cause distress to the individual undergoing the pre-assessment. There is no face to face appointment required. It is a very useful and positive service with a prompt turnaround so the individual can quickly get on track and find the right assistance and understanding. Please read through the information below and feel free to get in touch if you need individualised and personalised advice.

The fee: The current fee is $130.00 and this fee includes the 2 page report and all useful, informative attachments.

Are you ready to get started? simply email the ADA requesting an invoice for the pre-assessment service. Please include the name of the person to be invoiced and the name and age of the individual to be pre-assessed.

Email Address:
Text Service: 0410 850 185

  • What is the current fee for the ADA pre-assessment?

    The ADA pre-assessment is currently $130.00AUD which includes a two page outcome report along with relevant, informative attachments.

  • How do I commence the ADA pre-assessment?

    Simply email the ADA requesting an invoice for the pre-assessment service. To avoid any delays be sure to include the name of the person to be invoiced and the name and age of the individual to be pre-assessed.

    Please note: The ADA pre-assessment is a recommended service for those who are unsure whether a full assessment is necessary or even required. ADA acknowledges that everyone’s situation is unique. The ADA also realises that not everyone has the required funds to access an expensive full assessment.

    Not sure yet? The ADA offers free advice prior to taking out a pre-assessment. All your reasons for enquiring about the service will be carefully considered so that a decision can be made about whether it is for you. If you need personalised advice prior to taking the above step, please email the ADA. I you require a downloadable ADA pre assessment fact sheet to print out please email and request one.

    Email Address:

    Text Service: 0410 850 185

Need further information? See below

  • How is the pre-assessment delivered?

    Once you have made payment, your ADA pre-assessment is prepared precisely for your age group and will be delivered via email. The ADA pre-assessment screening is aligned with valid research screening procedures. It is thorough and designed to collect pertinent information along with student input samples. The service is devised specially by the ADA and is based on an inclusionary research-based approach. It is NOT a commercially bought product. Once the ADA receives your request and payment, the ADA will email the package to you. There is no need to make an appointment to meet in person.

  • Where do I post the completed pre-assessment documents?

    Documents can be posted to:
    ADA Head Office
    PO BOX 261
    Varsity Lakes QLD 4227

    It is advisable that you obtain tracking on your the postage of your personal documents as ADA cannot be responsible for documents that are not tracked.


    Please note the ADA is an Australian registrable body (ABRN) with government (ASICS) and operates legally in every state of Australia. The ADA also has an office located in Sydney, NSW.

  • How long do the documents take to be evaluated once the ADA receives them?

    The ADA pre-assessment documents are evaluated carefully by the ADA’s qualified, trained and highly experienced evaluators.
    The evaluation generally takes around 3–7 working days, however delays can occur when demand is high.
    The results will be emailed to you and you will receive a two-page report with results of the ADA pre-assessment screening.
    Additional relevant attachments are included for home and school.
    Please note the ADA follows school holidays and public holidays.

  • How does the ADA pre-assessment differ from a full assessment?

    The ADA pre-assessment screening is a valuable, efficient and highly recommended step in identifing dyslexia and/or dysgraphia. It is a sensible step in the identification process as it avoids unnecessary upfront full ’testing’ or ‘over testing’ often associated with higher fees. Many schools, parents and adults can be identified and assisted at the ADA pre-assessment screening stage. The ADA pre-assessment includes a clear outcome delivered in a two-page report along with relevant fact sheets to assist all who take up the exclusive ADA screening service. It is a service that can help all those who for various reasons struggle with aspects of language and literacy.

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