The key for youths and adults is a positive construct of dyslexia, a clear understanding of one’s strengths in learning and how to overcome the weaknesses associated with dyslexia.  Jodi Clements ADA President

Adult dyslexia identification

Often many adults go unidentified and unassisted, there may be various reasons for seeking identification of dyslexia and these reasons usually include:

Personal closure, for personal reasons

Study related for modifications and exams

Work related for changes in the workplace and or work related exams

How can the ADA assist adults?

The ADA can help you to understand what dyslexia is and is not

The ADA can offer adults a pre assessment service to identify dyslexia and or dysgraphia

We can offer a referral to a full assessment if deemed suitable

The ADA can also offer work place information

We can also provide information on assistance with student modification and accommodations

We also have dyslexia information available for employers

ADA can also personalise the information you may need, since we realise that each adult’s needs may be different.

For further information on adult identification, assessment and assistance please email:

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