Could it be dyslexia?

Could it be dyslexia?

blog1A checklist is an informal tool. A checklist alone cannot replace an ADA pre assessment nor a professional assessment, however it may be a helpful starting point for many who are considering whether they should proceed to an ADA pre assessment or further formal investigations.

Many people will tick many indicators where websites offer a general list (up to 36!). Research has stated that a checklist needs to be specific to dyslexia. The following checklist is specific and relates to adults and teens as well as children.

The ADA provide a specific checklist below since peer reviewed dyslexia research agrees that dyslexia is localised not generalised. So it becomes important to keep the indicators more specific (localised) then general.


Difficulty acquiring and using oral and written language

Difficulty in phonological awareness, including segmenting, blending and manipulating sounds in words

Difficulty mastering the alphabetical principle and basic decoding skills (converting symbols to sounds)

Slow, inaccurate laboured reading. (lacking accuracy and or fluency)

Difficulty acquiring age appropriate sight words recognition skills (visual coding)

Difficulty learning to spell accurately

Difficulty learning and retaining multi-syllabic vocabulary

Limited reading comprehension due to weak decoding and/or word recognition and fluency skills

Oral language skills are often stronger than written language skills

Other indicators to look out for:

Difficulty naming colours, objects, and letters rapidly, in a sequence

Weak memory for lists, directions, or facts

Needs to see or hear concepts many times to learn them

Distracted by visual or auditory stimuli

Downward trend in achievement test scores or school performance

Inconsistent school work

Teacher or educator/lecturer/employer says, “If only they would try harder on literacy tasks”

If you, an adult you know, or your child or student is indicating difficulties in most of the above areas ADA recommends that the first step for you to consider is the ADA pre assessment service. An ADA pre assessment screening will also check for dysgraphia indicators.

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