High School Transition Letter service



The ADA realises that high school is a concerning time for parents and students identified with dyslexia and /or dysgraphia. The ADA high school transition letter service has been uniquely created by the ADA. The ADA will devise a personalised letter to your child’s High School to ensure that the student is well understood and catered for by their High School teachers. The services also includes research based attachments so that the school can assist and support the student in mention. This service is open to all students who have a dyslexia and or dysgraphia full report or ADA pre assessment. This service is open to all High School students from Year/Grade 7-12 where a parent and or student feels that it is necessary to supply the High School with an independent ADA high school letter. The fee for this service is currently 130.00 AUD.


What is included in the ADA service fee?

A two page personalised letter that details what is required in the classroom to assist the student in mention. This service is applicable to all high school teachers, teaching all subject areas.

The service will include, school based tests and exam provisions and accommodations that are relevant to the student

Research based attachments that educate all involved are included

ADA will include the the student’s strengths and ways to cultivate them

Ways to assist self esteem and self efficacy in the teen years

This service will include the Australian Federal and State laws that protect students with dyslexia and the school’s obligations.

Please include in your email request: the name of student, year level, high school name and the name for your invoice. ADA will return to you with an email outlining other important information that we require to complete this service.

To begin, please request the ADA high school transition service by emailing a request plus an invoice: ada.highschooltransition@gmail.com

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