Meet Bentleigh West Primary School

BWPS is continuing to provide a key model for other schools:
Meet ADA accredited, Bentleigh West Primary School whose journey to improve student literacy outcomes began with one inspiring and passionate teacher, Sarah Asome. Sarah is an MSL specialist and AMADA, ADA Advisor for Victoria and co-founder of Dyslexia Victoria Support. Bentleigh West Primary school is guided and supported by Sarah and Principal, Steven Capp, who now has all staff trained in the MSL-OG approach. General classroom teachers are all trained in MSL. This allows them to deliver MSL (supplementary) to the whole class, a wise measure allowing all children the best chance to respond to preventative structured literacy teaching. Since MSL benefits all children there is no need to pull children out too early unless warranted. Whole class MSL delivery provides a thorough response to early prevention when delivered in the early years. Early preventative MSL teaching is the key along with a whole school approach to bring consistency and reduce the number of students who without direct and explicit instruction may continue to struggle. The results have been amazing. Read more about Bentleigh West Primary School: