MSL Club Australia


The MSL Club (Australia) is the wonderful work of founder Kate Bertoncello (AMADA). Kate saw a need to bring like minded children together in an environment that is positive and conducive to the way that they learn best!  ADA are excited at the combined team work of all trained and accredited MSL Educators and Therapists who continue to work hard to deliver MSL in this unique setting to a wonderful array of children.

The MSL Club also offers parents, educators and other professionals advocacy sessions and professional development sessions.

MSL Club Mission and Vision: To reduce the sense of isolation that comes with being dyslexic. For dyslexic people to feel supported and celebrated within their communities.

What is the MSL Club? MSL Club is a four day non-residential day camp for students from years 1 to 8 at risk of or with dyslexia.

The MSL Club provides intensive small group structured literacy instruction in the mornings of between 2-3 hours, with varied and interesting activities in the afternoons designed to build relationships and confidence.

During the four day program there will also be Emotional Intelligence sessions, Advocacy sessions and PD sessions.

The Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA) is a proud supporter of the MSL Club Australia.

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