Outside the Square

Outside the Square. A great series of films for schools and anyone with an interest in dyslexia.
Created by dyslexia advocate, Tanya Forbes

Dyslexia is the forgotten learning difficulty. It is more widespread than realised and there are many misconceptions that surround dyslexia. Many students struggle daily with its implications and receive little or no support. Unidentified and untreated dyslexia can lead to anxiety, withdrawal and depression in our children.

This film provides the knowledge required to identify children at risk so schools are able to provide students with dyslexia with the necessary support. Students and parents share their personal experiences to help provide a better understanding of the daily struggles in the classroom and their impact. Australia’s leading researchers and educators discuss the nature of dyslexia, key indicators to identify children at risk and associated difficulties that are a daily challenge to students.
These 3 films are now available for free on YouTube, please watch film 1 below and share with your school or community and help ADA and Outside the Square continue to raise awareness.