ADA Advisory Team



ADA Council (Board Members):

President, Jodi Clements

Secretary, Kylie Cooper

Treasurer, Paul Renwood

Council consultant, Kate Finnie

Council consultant, Brett Comerford


ADA Liaison Advisors:

NSW Advisor, Julie Mavlian

TAS Advisor, Dr Judith Hudson

VIC Advisor, Sarah Asome

TAS Advisor, Linda McKillop

NSW Advisor, Jenny O’Connor

VIC Advisor, Cheryl Song

WA Advisor, Vikki Hipkin

SA Advisor, Kay Bosworth

NSW Advisor, Sonja O’Connor

ACT Advisor, Dawn Maree Dunn

ACT Advisor, Trish Ghirardello

Consultant and advisor for adult assistance, Louis Petridies


New Zealand:

NZ Advisor, Liz Kane

NZ Advisor, Carla O’Neil

NZ Advisor, Kadon Captain


United States of America (USA):

USA Advisor, Dr Michael Hart


International UK and Europe:

UK Advisor, Dr Linsey Morgan

Europe Advisor, Monica Khan


S.E Asia:

SE Asia Advisor, Tennielle Craig


In additional, ADA has a wonderful team of trained administration staff. ADA would like to thank all the passionate and dedicated professionals who enable and assist ADA to work towards their vital aims.

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