How can ADA assist Schools?

ADA can offer the following services to schools:

1. ADA pre assessments to schools and in some cases a discount on the fees

Many schools like to use a professional service that is independent of their school services. The ADA pre assessment service has proven to be a valuable additional to the schools’ identification process. The ADA pre assessment works with the school and parents to gather information in the identification process of students who may require pre assessment screening for both dyslexia and dysgraphia. ADA can also add dyscalculia.
Read more: ADA pre assessment fact sheet

2. ADA can arrange an organised professional development for your school staff

Schools you can design your own PD topics (relevant to what ADA provide) and advise ADA. Or an ADA professional can present a ready made PD for your school staff.

3. ADA offers accredited training in MSL. Many schools start the journey by sending one teacher. MSL offers a supplementary knowledge and skills to the exisiting school curriculum. MSL can be easily applied to the general classroom, small groups and 1-1. ADA have trained executive staff, general classroom teachers, leaning support and teacher aides. ADA have received amazing feedback on the MSL training and results it can make in a school. MSL Training: Click

4. ADA school Memberships are available to ALL schools. For schools wishing to learn more and for ADA aware and accredited schools.

ADA aware schools who are starting out in this journey are also welcome to let others know and share the ways they are working on becoming ADA recognised. An ADA aware school has undertaken training whole school with either a live presentation or the course in the School’s member log in area.

An ADA recognised (accredited) school is a school that is working on lifting the language and literacy standards in every classroom, whilst also applying suitable modification and adjustments where required. These schools are self-sufficient when it comes to looking after students with dyslexia. These schools have a focus on improving individual teacher training in each and every general classroom for ALL children.

A celebration of trained and recognised schools in Australia, school initiatives:

At the discretion of the ADA and the school, some schools can be listed on the ADA Directory as either; an ADA aware school or an ADA recognised/accredited school. Schools can also choose to create a blog for the ADA website to let all visitors know of their school achievements.

ADA can also advise new schools about other ADA schools that have already been working on awareness and accreditation.

For further information about the ADA pre assessments please email: or and school memberships and initiatives, please email:


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