Wheeler's Hill Primary School embracing MSL

Wheeler’s Hill Primary School, Victoria, Australia set out on a journey to further improve the teaching of reading and spelling in their school. They decided on IMSLE accredited training in MSL (Multisensory Structured Language) after hearing the successes of MSL in other schools. Since IMSLE train teachers in an approach rather than a program, many general classroom teachers attend MSL training to teach MSL to the whole class, other teachers may take smaller group and some teachers instruct children one to one.

Deputy Principal Mrs Leasyl Richards is so dedicated to MSL that she also took up training. Leasyl states, “As of September we will have 10 AMADA’s (Accredited MSL teachers) on staff. Each of these staff members have varying roles from Prep classroom teachers, to year 1 classroom teachers, to Year 2 classroom teachers who take whole class MSL sessions, to an integration aide and the Assistant Principal who utilise the MSL approach to teaching of small group and 1:1 intervention sessions”.

In addition to our Junior School classes utilising the MSL approach we are also able to offer small group intervention and 1:1 intervention based on the needs of individual students. Being able to assist students with extra reinforcement following the MSL approach has been an added bonus of having so many of our staff complete the training.
Our students love using the MSL approach and the successes they experience are both delightful and inspiring. Hearing Prep students articulately and passionately explain spelling rules to adults, and then utilise these rules in context of all their learning is a very powerful reward to the dedication and hard work of our staff.

Another brilliant school reaping the rewards of sustainable teacher training in the science of reading and not leaving reading to chance!